Personal Data Collection Statement

Creche Diocesana Helen Liang – Centro Familiar (hereinafter referred to as "the Center") is a non-profit social service organization. This statement is a description on the processing of personal data of relevant individual (including hosting, co-organizing, or sponsoring, etc.) for the purpose of entering the Family Center or participating in activities organized by the us. The personal data provided will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Macao Special Administrative Region Law No. 8/2005 "Personal Data Protection Law".

  1. Processing purpose:

    Registered members: including (membership contacts, events held, event records, and historical records).

  2. Data subject category:

    Children and their caregivers who enter the Family Center or participate in activities organized by us (including hosting, co-organizing, or sponsoring, etc.).

  3. Type of data:

    The Family Center will collect and process the following personal data for the purpose of organizing events. Some of the data may be required to be collected, while others may be voluntarily provided by the individual. If anyone have any questions, please contact the Family Center.

    1. Identification and contact information: Chinese name, foreign-language name, gender, date of birth, residence address, Macao resident identity card number (passport number or other identity document number), relationship, contact number, and email;
    2. Activity information: the audio or video record involved in the activity (such as photos, audio recordings, or video recordings), activity performance, and activity evaluation, etc.;
    3. Other Information: Any other information related to the event.
  4. Data recipient:

    Data recipients include:

    1. Notifiable entity by law;
    2. Notifiable entity upon the consent or request of the data subject;
    3. The relevant insurance company providing the insurance;
    4. Entity entrusted with processing information.
  5. Storage and retention of data:

    The parties hereby confirm, agree, or authorize the Family Center to store and retain the information which provided in the databases of Hong Kong, China, or Japan.

  6. The rights of the parties:

    The parties have the right of inspection and correction in accordance with the law. When exercising the right of inspection, they must submit a written request to the Family Center for approval.